In the near future, in Moscow, the reconstruction of the Central Dynamo Stadium shall be completed for the World Cup. VTB Arena Park project will unite a small and a large sports arena, the Dynamo Sports Society Museum, as well as an entertainment and leisure complex and an underground parking under the same roof. What is the difference between a new stadium and the other ones newly built in Russia, how much garbage is left by fans and how to deal with it, all of these things were discussed during an interview to Business Guide with Andrei Peregudov, Project Manager of VTB Arena Park project.

MariMatic® delivers Automatic Waste Collection Systems to VTB Arena Park, for collecting both solid and food waste. MariMatic’s unique MetroTaifun® system was tailored to take care of the solid waste peak load during sport and entertainment events. For the food courts, MariMatic developed one of world’s biggest vacuum conveying systems by means of length of the pipe network and amount of suction points to convey food waste. Taifun® system transfers food waste effectively from the kitchens and guarantees odorless kitchens facilities and high hygiene level at restaurants.



The article in Russian (pdf)


Kommersantyi Business Guide Russia VTB Arena Park


Kommersantyi Business Guide VTB Arena MetroTaifun Waste Collection



MetroTaifun references for solid municipal waste


Taifun kitchen references for food waste



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