MariMatic, the provider of MetroTaifun Automatic Waste Collection Solution, participates the Smart City Expo World Congress on 14-16 November in Barcelona, Spain.

MariMatic Oy was chosen to build a MetroTaifun Automatic Waste Collection System to Park Zaryadye in Moscow, Russia. The capital of Russia has been developed for people to live in a comfortable and green environment.

"Daily waste collected with pipes – cool"

In Vuores, the suburb of the Finnish city of Tampere, the MetroTaifun® automatic waste collection system (AWCS), has taken care of waste collection since July 2012. The Vuores suburb is a vibrant and developing district, designed according to the modern urban infrastructure, while respecting the nature and landscape. The area will be the future home for 13,000 inhabitants, creating 1.9 million kg of residential waste and 650,000 kg of office waste annually.

Tapiola's prestigious shopping centre project, in Finland, has put the management of its waste at the very heart of its development.

The introduction of the MetroTaifun Automatic Solid Waste Collection System was celebrated with Danish flags on 8 September in the City of Odense, Denmark. Watch a video on how flags were used in celebration.

Tapiola city centre in Espoo, Finland is undergoing regeneration and there will be a minimal need for waste truck traffic, since MariMatic® Ltd supplied MetroTaifun® Automated Waste Collection System for transporting solid and food waste into the large containers using strong vacuum air flow. The system was introduced in April 2016 to serve the shopping centre AINOA in waste handling. The Waste Collection System will expand to serve also the other business buildings and the apartments located on their upper floors according to the regional construction.

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