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MariMatic will deliver a turnkey project, including delivery and installation of the automatic solid waste collection system (AWCS) to the Valla city. The solution is equipped with new technology, with waste collecting inlets, which have scales that measure the weight of waste at the RFID key opening. The client is Tekniska Verken i Linköping AB.

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MariMatic AB, received a new order in Västerås in Sweden. MariMatic will supply and install an automatic solid waste collection system (AWCS) in a newly built area of homes for elderly persons in the neighbourhood of Zethelius. The client is Peab Bostad AB in the Mälardalen region.

In a few years, there will be around 120 homes with more than 150 residents living in the area. Installations were started during Q3/2013 and the project will be finished during the last quarter of 2014.

MariMatic Oy delivered a MetroTaifun AWCS for Vällingby Parkstad AEVS, ordered by AEVS Niagara AB. The delivery includes designing and building, as well as the operation of the stationary solid waste collection system for three waste fractions, consisting of waste inlets, an underground piping network and waste terminal equipment. The system will serve 3,000 inhabitants and 1,400 apartments. In addition to the housing estate, it will serve commercial and shopping areas.

The installation will start during autumn 2013, and the whole system will be completed during 2017.

MariMatic is proud to deliver an Automatic Solid Waste Collection System (AWCS) as part of a bigger Tapiola shopping district renewal project in Finland.

Tapiola, once widely known as the Garden City of Espoo, opened Finland’s first shopping centre in 1968. Since then Tapiola has grown to be the un-official city centre of Espoo but lost its unique touch of nature and green values during the days of rapid growth of the district. Recent decision to extend the metroline from Helsinki to Espoo has boosted the renewal of Tapiola shopping district and the planning has been conducted keeping the original green values and nature in mind.

MariMatic Oy, located in Vantaa, delivers a Taifun vacuum conveying system to Alamarai, the biggest new poultry processing plant built in the world, located in Hail, Saudi-Arabia.

The system has been installed and implemented in 2013 to the Almarai poultry processing plant. The system will efficiently and hygienically collect and separate waste and by-products from the processing of 36,000 chickens per hour.

Retrofit and extension of waste collection systems in Malmi hospital, Helsinki during 2012 - 2013

A new suburban development being built near the city of Tampere will be home to 13,000 inhabitants, creating approximately 5,000 jobs in the process.

The world’s largest automatic waste collection system is being built by MariMatic in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, where during Ramadan and Haji, 600 tons of waste are generated daily by 2 million people. Using the MetroTaifun® System, waste is collected from 318 waste inlet points, then transferred via a 30-kilometre pipe network to a Central Utility Complex. The project started in 2011 and the system will be built according to the regional development schedule of the area.

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