Press release 28 August, 2014:

The company, Kruunuvuorenrannan jätteen putkikeräys Oy, owned by city of Helsinki, has chosen MariMatic Oy as the supplier of the automatic waste collection system (AWCS) to be built in the new residential area of Kruunuvuorenranta. The system construction has begun, and investments will continue in connection with regional development during 2014 – 2028.

The automatic waste collection system will reduce the traffic with waste trucks in the area by 80-90 %. The safety and comfort of the courtyards is improved when problems related to noise and odors are reduced.
The AWCS also enhances recycling and reduces drastically the need for separate waste collection rooms.
MariMatic Oy is responsible for the automatic waste collection system design, construction and the system management and maintenance after commissioning. The system will handle the waste (4 fractions) of the 14.000 persons living in the area and 1000 workplaces. The AWCS consist of over 400 waste inlets connected to more than 10 km of pipe network.

MariMatic Oy is currently building AWCS systems in the residential area of Kivistö in Vantaa, Vuores in Tampere, as well as in Espoo, where the system serves commercial buildings in the centre of Tapiola. Also in Stockholm, Västerås and Linköping in Sweden the AWCS systems are been build.
The automated waste and laundry collection system supplied to the Malmi Hospital is ready to be implemented as soon as the hospital extension is completed. The AWCS system in Vuores has been in operation since 2012. Additionally, MariMatic is building the largest AWCS system in the world in Mecca in Saudi Arabia.
The company, MariMatic Oy at Vantaa, Finland, is a Cleantech company, which has developed leading vacuum conveying systems since 1983. The company has delivered more than 800 systems for various industries worldwide, in about 40 different countries.

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