References: How MetroTaifun Systems Work in Reality

Automatic waste collection system - not just a beautiful future vision, it’s here today! MariMatic has delivered over 1000 systems in more than 40 countries. Our references include large and small systems from residential blocks to entire areas of a city. MetroTaifun has also been retrofitted in existing areas.

Please take a look at our selected MetroTaifun® projects to learn more.

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The New Dimension in Waste Collection Systems

For big and small residential areas, cities, healthcare and commercial blocks


solid waste collection technology

MetroTaifun®, the world's most modern Automatic Waste Collection System (AWCS), conveys waste & recyclables through underground and/or above-ground pipelines that can extend up to 4 km (2.5 miles) from the waste collection point.

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applications for automatic solid waste collection

MetroTaifun® has developed modern solutions for all applications; large and small, including hospitals, residential areas, industrial areas and shopping centres, sports complexes, hybrid and mobile systems

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metrotaifun AWCS energy consumption

MetroTaifun®'s energy efficiency is far superior to that of any other waste collection system and is extensive, encompassing investment and operating costs, energy consumption as well as saving valuable space

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Selected References

Automatic solid waste collection references

Please take a look at our selected MetroTaifun® projects.

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Traditionally waste inlets are opened with an RFID key but they can also be opened touchlessly with the MetroTaifun app. The app opens and closes the waste inlet doors automatically. The inlet doors can be opened remotely in advance as well. You can easily track your recycling statistics with the app. That way the app encourages residents to sort waste more so there's less mixed waste. The recycled waste is then turned into valuable raw materials.

MetroTaifun Chute 247 for modern and easy life in highrise buildings! The key of our Chute 247 Standard Solution lies in intermediate storages which enable simultaneous opening of chute hatches on every floor. Practically it means waste chute hatches being close to the residents and their homes and always available for use.

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Also available an advanced Twin Chute Solution, which saves space and installation costs enabling two fractions per chute.

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Residential waste is collected by a MetroTaifun automatic waste collection system. Heavy recyclables, such as glass or metal, can also be collected with an automatic waste collection system. The glass and metal collection system is a separate system that can be installed alongside an automatic waste collection system. Glass is transported underground via vacuum and collected in waste cyclones. To avoid excess noise, waste trucks replace full containers with empty ones. The cyclones can also be emptied on the spot with regular trucks.

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